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All You Ever Wanted to Know about Sex Clubs…
The Basics
There are two kinds of sex clubs. You may find you prefer one or the other.

There’s your gay “bathhouse” that typically has private rooms for rent.

And then there’s your “sex club” with no private rooms where men are having sex out in the open.

How to Play
Most men follow some basic rules for negotiating sexual encounters safely and sanely.


  • If you’re interested in someone, make eye contact. A nod or a sustained look back usually signals a yes! A shake of the head or a look away usually signals no.
  • In general, don’t touch someone or enter their room without getting some signal that it’s okay. In some situations it might be the norm to touch, such as most darkened areas like “mazes,” video rooms, or group sex areas, but if the person signals that it’s not welcome by shaking their head or moving your hand then back off.
  • In bathhouses, if someone has left their door wide open, it means anyone is welcome to come join in.
  • If the door's open just a little bit, guys are encouraged to watch.
  • If the door is open and a guys is lying on his stomach, he wants someone to fuck him, and if he's lying on his back, it means he wants to fuck someone or have oral sex.
  • Condoms are the norm, rather than the exception.


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