Magnet is moving

Starting summer 2015, find us at 470 Castro St.

You’ll still get the best sexual health services for gay, bi and queer men in the Bay Area. But, we’ll have a new name and a new location.

Plus, our new space will allow us to offer more appointments to more people, more cultural and social events, and a new PrEP health program!

Happy Homo Blog Archive

There are all sorts of things that go into making a Happy Homo. We've provided some queer tips on a wide range of topics to help keep you functioning at your homo-best. These won't give you all the answers, but hopefully they'll give you something to chow down on. Remember, a healthy homo is a happy homo.

Get off your phone and into a relationship!

Get off your phone and into a relationship!

May 09, 2014
Even with all these dating apps out there are you still having a hard time getting into a relationship?
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What does

What does "Undetectable" really mean?"

January 08, 2014
When you hear someone say "I am undetectable" what does that mean?
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Searching For a Gay-friendly Doc

October 24, 2013
Looking for a doctor who is in tune with gay issues? Here is a handy guide to get you started on your search.
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A Professional Manscaper’s guide to body hair grooming

September 01, 2013
Manscaping is the shaving or trimming of hair on a man, and not just on the face, baby! We’re talking all over! Chest, back, arms, legs, cock, balls, ass; wherever you have hair, manscaping is possible. For this article, licensed massage therapist & manscaper, Michael Soldier, shares his expertise.
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