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Magnet Gets Mentioned in the New York Times

October 13, 2015


Look who made the front page of the New York Times Science section! Our Very own Magnet t-shirt  "No Blame, No Smae!" being worn by Pierre-Cedric Crouch our Nursing Director, is on the cover of this incredible write up about how San Francisco is changing the face of Aids Treatment.

We all know why Magnet is great, but it is nice to know that now a lot of other people around the world are going to hear about the great work we do.


The article is by Donald G. McNeil Jr. and came out Oct 5. We just wanted to make sure all our Magnet fans saw it. Here is a little excerpt below. 

"The Magnet Clinic, where Rafael was diagnosed, did 9,600 H.I.V. tests last year. It lies in the heart of the Castro, the city’s rainbow-flag-bedecked gay mecca, and resembles a cheery cellphone store: The waiting room has couches, flowers, disco music and photographs of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a campy drag troupe. A mobile of smiling penis toys dangled over one examination table.

“We didn’t want it to feel like a jail cell,” said the nursing director, Pierre-Cedric Crouch, wearing the clinic’s signature “No Blame/No Shame” T-shirt. “And we have no stigma. You can come in saying you just slept with 20 guys and don’t know what a condom is, and we don’t criticize you. We help you out.

Magnet’s social workers will enroll patients in insurance or, if they have coverage, fight to make sure it covers what they need.

Jayne Gagliano, the benefits manager, said she regularly had to explain to out-of-state insurers that using Truvada to prevent infection was, in fact, F.D.A.-approved.

“The fragmented American insurance system is one of our biggest obstacles,” said Dr. Diane V. Havlir, the chief of the H.I.V. division at San Francisco General, who has seen patients stop taking their pills because of coverage lapses." - Donald G. McNeil Jr.

Photo above by Max Whittacker
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